Ultimate Guide On How To Build Confidence (2020)

19 Ways How To Build Confidence

Table of Contents

In this guide, I will teach you how to build confidence in any situation you need in life.

You see…

Confidence isn’t something you are born with. It’s something you learn through experience.

Think about it for a second…

You don’t see babies strutting around with proper posture speaking with a low, confident voice (because frankly, that would be quite terrifying…)

It’s when we grow older that we start to see a difference between people whether they are in their 20s, 30s, or 40s with different levels of confidence based on their:

  • Mindset
  • Beliefs
  • Experience
  • And skills

The best part? Confidence is something we can learn at any time if we put in the effort.

You can theoretically wake up as a completely different and confident person if you shifted your mindset on a couple of key elements that would change your life.

And there are so many benefits to being confident like:

  • Being taken more seriously at work
  • People looking up to you as a leader
  • People seeing you as more attractive

And the biggest benefit of all: Taking more calculated risks in your life leading to more chances to improve your life.

Today in this guide I will show you the way on how to properly become the ideal confident person you want to be.

You will know you are on the right path when months and years pass by and your friends and family noticed that you changed somehow… all while feeling exactly the same.

Because the funny part about gaining true confidence is that you don’t even realize your confidence grows with you as you grow as a person.

So let’s get started.

Here Are 19 Ways On How You Can Build Your Confidence

So I like to define self-confidence as how much do you believe in yourself when doing a certain activity.

Does it make you squeamish when you approach a beautiful woman off the street or do you stay calm and act like a chill human being?

The best way on how to build your confidence train is to train your mind.

You want to be in control of your reactions and have faith in yourself when you achieve your goals.

All of these steps are related in one way or another how to strengthen your mind so you can feel at ease doing things that may be slightly uncomfortable.

Time to jump in with the first tip…

1. Learn How To Be Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

confident person looking at sky

The fastest way on how to build confidence is to be comfortable being uncomfortable.

Now it sounds kind of silly but it’s true.

Training your mind to find peace when things aren’t easy helps train it to deal with adversity.

When you practice being uncomfortable for a long period of time, you start to get used to it.

Many of the things that we want in life are things that we have to step outside of our comfort zone at one point in our lives.

  • Want to get that slim, muscle-packed body you dreamed of? Get comfortable with your new diet and exercise 5 times a week.
  • Want to live the 4-hour workweek? Get used to working 12 hours for 3 years before you are able to build a system that will allow you to live that lifestyle.
  • Want to find your dream girl who’s everything you have ever wanted? Get comfortable reaching out and talking to more women.

We become more confident the more time we spend dealing with hardship reaching our goals.

If you take cold showers and run with just a shirt and shorts during winter and someone dared you to take an ice bath…

Well… you’re probably going to feel pretty confident about doing that ice bath.

Here is a list of things that most people find uncomfortable doing that you can start training yourself to do:

  • Cold calling a client
  • Taking cold showers
  • Waking up very early in the morning
  • Approaching someone you are attracted to
  • Working 4 hours straight immersed in deep work

It’s by doing all of these things where we start to feel alive as we are slowly expanding our comfort zone.

We have to start small though in changing. I remember when I did my first sales call I was stumbling and stuttering everywhere. I was literally the textbook style of what NOT to do.

And it’s gotten a lot better since then with more calls over time.

So start working on expanding that zone and you will become more confident in life.

I guarantee it will change your life.

2. Learn To Take Calculated Risks In Life

Every decision you make in life has an inherent risk to it.

And you can’t avoid it since life is all about risk anyways.

Let me give you a popular example of a risky situation that many people believe is a safe option.

A lot of people find comfort in their 9-5 stable job as it comes with good and consistent pay with decent bonuses and seems pretty safe right?

Well… when there’s a recession millions of people who had jobs were fired. People had a hard time applying for businesses even though they had the required skills. And they could do nothing about it but be on the whims of whatever business was hiring them.

While on the flip side, entrepreneurship may seem completely risky yet you are in complete control of your business.

Now I’m not saying you should do entrepreneurship as 30% of new businesses fail within their first year and that’s just surviving not even making a ton of profit.

What I’m saying is…

Weigh the pros and cons of each decision you make and then stack the odds in your favor.

Let’s say you truly want to be an entrepreneur… you will have a better chance of succeeding if you:

  • Working 12-14 hours on your business with the right strategy
  • Taking courses and reading books on marketing and sales
  • Learning from other mentors in similar businesses and their experiences

Compared to someone who watches television all day.

Make sure that all your actions align with whatever goal you want in life and go for it. Many people don’t know what they are truly capable of until they are tested.

It’s testing how far you can go through the tough times that will determine how confident you become in life.

3. Start Building Valuable Skills That Set You Up For Success

A lot of us want want to learn how to build confidence so that we can feel like an expert in the skills that we want in life.

For example, we want the confidence in life to:

  • Woo that guy or gal with an amazing confidence
  • Negotiate easily with our boss
  • Confidently present on stage

But it’s not going to be like that when you first start out in any of those skills.

If anything, when you are starting out you are just going to be like every other noob who has to go through the same learning process.

And that’s perfectly normal. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The news and a lot of people who are successful don’t really talk about the times when they really sucked in the beginning cause it’s not exciting.

It’s only when their successful that people highlight all the boring stuff they had to do while they sucked at their skills to see their amazing progress.

It’s the people who continue to push through to improve their skills despite sucking where they start to gain confidence in their skills.

Now, do you want to know the secret in gaining confidence as fast as possible in your skills?

Well… the answer is simple:

Work even harder with extreme focus every single day and figuring out how to improve.

This could be:

  • Putting your skills to use
  • Reading books and courses
  • Creating a mastermind for people with similar skills

And keep going at it. The only way you are going to believe in your skills is when you put your skills to the actual test and consistently get results with it.

That’s how you become a confident human being. And that’s how every single person who is confident today had to once go through before.

4. Be Okay With Failure As It Will Come

person thinking about failure

The thing about failure is that when you are learning on how to build confidence in yourself you will run into failure eventually.

It’s going to happen one way or another so you might as well buckle up and get ready for the experience.

Don’t believe me?

Well, let’s look at history together at some famous people then:

  • Thomas Edison who had to go through 10,000 trials before he found the lightbulb
  • Babe Ruth who struck out the most times eventually became the home run king
  • Albert Einstein who spent almost a decade thinking on one problem before he came up with his famous Quantum Theory

You aren’t any different from them. The only difference is that they persevered long enough to create the success that they wanted.

Think of it as life testing you and building you up for success.

Ironically, people gain their confidence with dealing against adversity mainly because they have dealt with so much adversity and failures before. 

It’s the people who fail the fastest are the ones who learn the most.

This is because they learn what works in the real world rather than stay stuck in their head theory where nothing actually happens.

Plus, it gives a lot of useful information and skills it took when you were trying to achieve your goal.

It’s going to feel awful at first. I’m not going to lie.

But it’s when you go through it 5 times, 10 times, 20 times where you start to expect it… it really doesn’t bother you as much anymore.

And that’s because you are becoming more resilient to failure making you become more confident in dealing with failure.

And people notice that.

Start being okay with failure and it will improve your confidence leaps and bounds.

5. Change Your Body Language To Build More Confidence In Yourself

There’s a weird little hack that you can do to your body today that would make you feel confident instantly.

And that’s just changing your body language slightly and your mind will adapt to be more confident.

Your body is a powerful tool and what happens is it *tricks* your brain into thinking that you are confident just by doing a couple of power poses.

Now, there’s a whole lot of body language and being confident so I’m just going to show you the most important things that I do to show confidence to other people:

  • Having proper posture with your back upright and body aligned
  • Keeping your hands out of your pockets
  • Maintaining eye contact
  • Smiling
  • Speaking slowly
  • Using hand gestures
  • Moving slightly slower than usual
  • Speaking slightly lower AND slower

If you can start using all of those, you are going to be seen as someone who is in control of their life.

Body language does communicate 93% to other people so might as well use all of that to communicate that you’re confident to people… right?

Haha f course, I’m right (cause I’m hella confident with this tip.)

6. Visualize Yourself To Be Confident

Visualization is truly powerful.

It’s one of those things that people have heard of the “powers” before but don’t actually practice in their daily life.

There’s also a sense of “woo-woo” to it despite a good amount of scientific evidence on the benefits as well as professional athletes practicing it before a major game.

And the reason why they continue to do it is because it works for them and is one of the secrets on how to build confidence before their games.

What happens is that your brain can’t distinguish the difference between what’s going on in the real world and what’s going on in your head. The same chemicals happen in both of them.

And we can use this power to guide our brain into not just finding our ideal life, but also into becoming our ideal person.

Think of it this way.

Visualizing yourself is helping you set the “GPS” for the final destination of becoming a confident person.

Now, you won’t become a confident person if you do nothing and don’t even drive there correct?

I hate to say it but you ain’t gonna be confident if you just sit on your butt and watch Netflix all day. Nope. Doesn’t work like that.

All visualizing does is give you a destination. It’s up to you to travel to your destination.

And trust me.

 It’s a lot better to become confident with a vague destination that becomes clearer over time rather than no destination at all.

And if you’re having trouble visualizing yourself, then what you can do is have an ideal body and just place your head over it.

It looks funny and sounds kind of stupid but it’s a way to help you start imagining your ideal future.

Or you can go on Fiverr and pay someone to photo shop you to have a clear image.

Or you know what really helps is finding a confident role model you inspire to as an ideal image.

You will start to pick up a lot of their body language as well as how they think whether you learn about them in real life or online and a part of their confidence starts to be with you.

Start visualizing in your life today to become confident.

7. Start Using Affirmations On Being Confident

If visualizing is the “GPS” to becoming more confident then affirmations would be like the “windshield wiper” in the car.

It’s a crappy analogy but hear me out real quick.

Affirmations help imprint into your ‘ol noggin to rewire your mind and influence your subconscious thoughts.

The main purpose is that it helps start to make the destination clearer by showing you potential opportunities to build your confidence.

For example, if you are always a negative nancy and mean to everyone as well as watching Netflix 24/7 then the only thing you will see is why the world is against you.

But if you start using affirmations like:

  • I am a disciplined person who has an extreme focus on my goals
  • I am confident in tackling any problems throughout the day
  • I am a growth-orientated person who strives to become better each day.

And you are saying it out loud AND visualizing each part of it, your brain is going to rewire yourself as another person.

Here’s a potential story that can happen to you with affirmations.

Maybe after a couple of months of doing this, you start to view the world differently. 

You probably won’t change drastically but you will start to notice that watching Netflix every day and being mean to everyone doesn’t really do you much good.

So you pick up a hobby like playing the guitar and start practicing it. Over time you start to get good and notice an opportunity to play a live gig in a small café.

The old you would have never considered it but this new you now sees it as an opportunity to grow.

And that’s how affirmations can help you. Everyone has a different story but the way it influences your mind is real.

8. Start Taking Care Of Yourself

someone meditating.

The one thing you can do to learn how to build your confidence is to start taking care of yourself.

The main reason why you lack confidence means that you don’t believe in yourself.

Plain and simple.

That’s why you need a healthy body to support that vision.

You don’t see confident people feeling like a piece of crap that looks exhausted from no sleep…

Nope. They exude a kind of aura where it feels that they have a ton of energy and in control of every aspect of their life.

That’s what it means to be confident.

And the way to be confident is to start taking care of yourself like:

  • Grooming Yourself
  • Wearing Clean Clothes That Fit You Well
  • Exercising
  • Getting quality Sleep
  • Eating The Right Food

It’s taking care of the simple things that helps you become more confident.

When you have control in the most important aspects of your health, it spills over to other areas that help you control yourself.

Let’s view the opposite world real quick where you feel like crap everyday and it feels like you have no control over your life at all…

Well, it’s going to be pretty damn hard to stay confident like that all the time.

Cause let’s face it… it’s already pretty hard staying confident 24/7 so might as well take advantage of all the easier ways to build confidence in our lives.

Why play life on hard mode when there are no bonus points doing so?

9. Stop Comparing Yourself To Others

We never take the time to praise and celebrate our wins but instead focus on the mistakes we did or the regrets we have in life.

There’s only one of you in this world so cherish it. 

Don’t waste your energy comparing yourself to other people’s success.

Not only does it make you feel terrible, but it also doesn’t even do you any good.

And most of the time…

We are comparing people who are on a different part of the journey than us.

Let’s say you’re 34 years old starting to learn the guitar and spent 1 month practicing…

And you start comparing yourself with someone you see on America’s Got Talent who’s 17 and been playing the guitar for 13 years.

Then you’re probably going to have thoughts like:

  • “I should’ve started the guitar when I was younger”
  • “I’ll never be as talented as him”

But let’s put things in perspective.

Let’s say the 17-year-old kid never really got to have a childhood since he enjoyed playing and practicing his guitar for 12-14 hours a day leaving the rest of his time for school.

Maybe he wanted to have a fun childhood that you might’ve experienced or done the things that you’ve done that he couldn’t since he was always playing the guitar.

Plus, it doesn’t even make sense to compare yourself of 1 month of hard work vs 13 years of dedicated focus.

In other words, don’t compare yourself to other people and just focus and enjoy your own journey.

Otherwise you are just going to feel miserable and unconfident for the rest of your life.

10. Start Loving Yourself

love yourself

Loving yourself is what a lot of us neglect to do and is an important foundation in building steady confidence in you.

How can you have confidence in yourself when you don’t even like yourself?

It just doesn’t make any sense.

So how do you start loving yourself?

Here are the things you can do immediately:

1.    Reflect on your day and focus on the wins

2.    Celebrate your wins with something you enjoy doing

Instead of focusing on your mistakes, you want to focus on the wins you did today and things you could’ve improved for the next day.

But if it still isn’t working… here’s a simple hack that would make you love yourself instantly:

Go to a mirror and do these two things:

Say “I Love You” as you stare directly into your eyes in the mirror and talk about all the great things about you.

For someone with low self-confidence, it sounds really stupid but it *actually* works.

Here’s why it works:

1.    It imprints into your mind that you love yourself over with a primal connection of looking directly into your own eyes.

2.    Talking about all the great things about you puts you in a positive framework that makes you stop comparing yourself to others and makes you love yourself

It starts to build self-love in yourself which is the foundation for unshakeable confidence to carry around in the future.

Do this every day and it will be a game-changer to your confidence.

11. Set Small And Big Goals And Achieve Them

We like to dream big.

We want to have that business that makes us $1 million dollars as well as doing those negotiating deals with a huge stake and coming out confident.

It’s great to have ambitious goals… don’t get me wrong… but if you are starting from scratch you need to slowly build yourself up by setting small goals that align with the big goals and start achieving them.

We need to first:

  1. Believe it’s possible
  2. Start achieving results with the smaller goals

Otherwise, we are just going to think that dream of making $1 million dollars is just a pipe dream and not really possible.

Here’s how to make it feel possible for you.

Create a small actionable plan of reaching that $1,000,000.

For example:

  • That’s 83,333.33 per month
  • $19,230 per week
  • $2739.72 per day.

Now $2,739 per day seems a lot more reasonable than $1,000,000 but if that’s your monthly income then it’s going to still feel impossible.

So here’s what you do instead.

Your goal would be to just make $10 from a side hustle in a month.

Maybe sell a shirt on eBay or write a blog article for a company.

You want to make the goal so easy that you think it’s possible to do and start taking action for that goal.

We want to create the belief that it is possible to make money outside of our job and build confidence like that.

THEN we can start talking about bigger goals like making $100 a month. 

Then $1,000 a month.

Then $10,000 a month.

And through this process, you are building up skills and confidence to be able to make money.

The reason why we don’t want to set ambitious goals right off the bat is that if you set a goal to make $1,000 a month but you can’t even make $10 in a month you are going to lose faith in yourself.

And you don’t want that because no action taken means there is 0% chance of making your dream possible. So we gotta slowly build our confidence.

The amazing part is that your perspective on life starts to change when you acquire the ability to make a lot of money per month.

2 people with a low income can have two perspectives on making $10,000 a month:

  • One person can have the view that it’s not possible and something they use to scam people out of their money
  • Another person will think it’s chump change since they believe they have the skills and confidence to do it since other people have done it.

It’s all about perspective and taking action to achieve those goals.

The best part… anybody can do it despite where they are in at life.

12. Learn To Help Others

A great way to build confidence is by helping others who are facing a problem that you can solve.

It helps you because:

  • It puts your skills to the test
  • It’s always nice social proof that other people believe in your skills

Ideally, you want to do this with close friends because even if you do mess up you are in a safe environment where they won’t trash talk you (unless you’re hangin’ with my lovely friends…)

When you have low confidence in yourself, seeing the support and “social proof” of other people thanking you for solving one of their problems puts a little confidence in yourself.

People will truly be grateful even if you weren’t able to solve the problem by taking time out of your day to help with a problem that’s been bugging them for a while.

Plus it helps build your soft skills such as building rapport, empathy, deep listening, and compassion.

Start helping those around you and see how it affects your mind and confidence.

13. Be Humble

True leaders learn to be humble because they understand the road it takes to become a confident leader.

Most leaders weren’t born confident. They also had to go through many experiences and failures to become the person who they were.

And most of them are going to say it wasn’t easy. They start to empathize with those trying to be a leader because they truly understand what it takes to become one.

The amazing part about being humble is that people won’t see you as arrogant or annoying.

You will start to have this “aura” that you know a lot about this world and will start to attract people naturally.

It’s through people like this and people starting to follow you where you naturally become more confident because they are all looking up to you as a leader.

Plus, it’s also even more impressive hiding your skills and only using them when necessary.

Start practicing humility and notice the reactions to the people around you.

You might be surprised.

14. Create A Set Of Personal Values To Live By

Confident people have a set of personal values to live by.

When you have lost everything in this world, the only thing you will keep in this world are your mind and your values that stay with you for the rest of your life.

Learn which personal traits you value the most and live by them.

Do you value integrity? Honesty? Family?

Here’s a list of personal values you can live by:

  • Giving
  • Loving
  • Honesty
  • Perseverance
  • Discipline
  • Open-minded
  • Adventurous
  • Reliable
  • Trusting
  • And a bunch more…

Don’t just say what they are… actually align your life with your personal values.

If you say family is your number one priority and after work, all you do is watch Netflix for 6 hours…

Then you are prioritizing Netflix over the family.

I want you to write on a piece of paper your personal values and put them somewhere where you can see it every day.

It’s through this that you will change.

And doing this is one way to find purpose in your life by defining the personal characteristics that you will stick to you for the rest of your life.

It will always guide you when you have to make an important decision.

Confident people never look back on their decisions as long as it aligned with their important values they decided to live by.

Create your purpose in life and everything and your decision will align to it.

15. Have A Growth Mindset

You want to learn to have a growth mindset when you are trying to be a confident person.

A growth mindset is where:

  • Stop trying to be in control of everything
  • You take failure as a learning experience
  • You are open-minded of the world around you
  • You realize that you don’t know much about this world

Compared to a closed mindset where:

  • You stop after you fail once.
  • You try to control everything around you.
  • You refuse to step outside your comfort zone.
  • Anything that attacks your beliefs is a big no-no to you.

You can see which one is bound to help you be more successful and more confident…hopefully

16. Practice Positive Thinking

think positive

There’s a reason why confident people tend to be positive thinkers… and there’s a reason for that.

They realized that being negative doesn’t help them achieve their goals so they realize it’s a waste of energy. 

Being a positive thinker lets you see new opportunities you haven’t seen before and breaks your pattern of thoughts and limiting beliefs to open up a new world.

It also helps you manage your emotions helping you keep that image of that cool and collected person without putting much effort.

Change your mind to a positive framework and you will notice more opportunities coming to you to become more confident.

17. Surround Yourself With A Positive Team

“Show me your friends and I’ll show you your future.” – Anonymous

This is 100% true. Whether you believe in it or not this will shape not just how you view the world but how confident you are in life.

If most of your friends treat you badly or make you feel bad about yourself… then it’s going to be hard to change and become confident.

You want to look for people like you who want to change and become more confident in themselves.

What will happen is you will have a support group that bounces ideas with each other as well as forming a positive body language that makes you feel more confident.

When you start to feel good about yourself, it becomes exponentially easier to become confident.

Find your tribe of people who want to improve themselves and you will grow confident faster than ever.

18. Plan To The Best Of Your Ability

A way to gain confidence is to practice.

Practice. Practice. Practice.

Let’s say you are doing a speech for example.

The only way to feel more confident before the actual speech is to practice rehearsing the speech.

Now you can’t control everything like:

  • Being nervous on the day of the event
  • People listening to you
  • People watching your every move

But putting that muscle memory before the actual event really helps build your confidence.

And it’s through this confidence that you can go through any mishaps should they happen for the event.

Prepare yourself but also improvise when necessary for the actual event.

19. Create Habits That Positively Influence Your Life

It all starts with one positive habit. 

Just one.

That’s all it takes to create enough momentum to start changing your life in a positive way.

Now you can do this in the morning or evening but you want something that will benefit you in the long-term whether it be something like:

  •  Meditation
  • Exercise
  • Journaling
  • Affirmations
  • Reading
  • Grateful

Now how does this help build your confidence?

When you start prioritizing on taking care of yourself you start to see yourself in a different light.

You start to realize that you are worth something and that you want to have the best life possible.

Now, these positive habits… what they will do is not only improve your body but improve your mind so that it functions at the highest level so that it becomes easier to be confident.

It’s a lot easier to be confident when you are able to:

  •  manage your emotions from meditation, 
  • having a fit body from exercise, 
  • and getting smarter through reading books from experts you want to learn about.

It’s all about being consistent that will bring you the confidence you don’t notice but the people around you will.

Why Should I Learn How To Build Confidence?

confident person standing on a boat

We just went through a giant list on how to become confident but what exactly are the benefits to be confident?

Like, we have an intuitive idea that being confident will help us in our lives but how specifically does it help?

I’ll give you an idea of how confidence can improve EVERY aspect of your life:

  • It helps you ace that job interview
  • It helps you take more risks in life
  • It helps you build more money skills
  • It helps you better negotiate with clients
  • It attracts more confident people into your life
  • It attracts more women (and men) into your life
  • It helps you feel more joy and happiness in your life
  • It helps you delay gratitude to enjoy the rewards later in life
  • It helps you go through failure and find success faster in life
  • It helps you to become more grateful for everything that’s in your life
  • It helps you start to do more activities that will be beneficial for long term
  • It helps set up a positive foundation to build even more confidence in your life
  • And a bunch of other things.

Just picture yourself as the ideal confident person walking through life and you have an idea of the potential learning to be more confident can do for you.

Learn to be confident to reap many of these rewards plus even more waiting for you.

The Mindset On How To Build Confidence

The reason people are confident is that they have faith in their skills… yet at the same time they also view the world differently.

It’s a bit different than arrogance because arrogance comes from the result of insecurity whereas confidence is something that is internal where you already feel satisfied without requiring external validation from other people.

So here are the mindsets of confident people:

  • They view the world in the long term
  • Understand They Don’t know everything
  • They take action instead of dwelling on theory
  • They follow through on their goals to achieve them
  • They understand the value they can bring to others
  • They acknowledge they don’t know everything in life
  • They learn to listen to other people and focus on them
  • Confident people can find happiness within themselves
  • They get curious about the life around them and the world
  • They manage their time effectively and do the right thing
  • They are fearless when it comes to their personal values
  • They really don’t care what other people think about them
  • They celebrate their successes and learn from their mistakes
  • They know they can’t control the world but only their reactions
  • They learn to stand up for themselves with a strong boundary
  • They don’t judge as they never know what they have been through
  • They do more of what makes them happy and builds confidence in themselves
  • They socialize and aren’t afraid to say no when someone crosses their boundary
  • Confident people don’t have to be the center of attention all the time. It naturally comes to them.

It takes time to change yourself so take your time. There’s no rush to become confident and you will reap the benefits if you are consistent every day.

Step-By-Step On How To Build Your Confidence

confident person dancing in the water

Here is the no-BS guide to building your confidence that you can do TODAY:

  1. Figure Out Where You Are Right Now
  2. Create A Plan And Goal On What You Want To Achieve
  3. Work towards your goals
  4. Track Your Progress
  5. Look back and reflect on your progress
  6. Adjust and repeat steps 1-4.

That’s the principal framework for building confidence in any skill you want in life.

When you are reflecting on your progress and confidence you want to ask questions like:

  • Which daily habits do you currently have that make you feel confident?
  • Which daily habits make you feel bad about yourself?
  • Which new habits make most difference to your confidence?
  • What can you do to help develop the habit of thinking positively and confidently?

And it’s through these guiding questions that will help you build more habits that make you become more confident.

But it’s a bit vague if there’s no context to it so I decided to show you some specific ways on how to build your confidence.

The only way to build confidence is to step outside of your comfort and these are only ideas if you don’t have much confidence in yourself.

Here’s a list of possible activities you can do to start building confidence in yourself:

  • Introduce yourself to a stranger and make small talk
  •  Take a cold shower for 5 minutes and really enjoy it
  •  Do a task that you have been procrastinating for a long time
  • Join a new group or class in your community (like martial arts)
  • Go on an unfamiliar journey whether it’s by public transport or even a new country
  • If you’re a guy go run shirtless if you have any insecurities about your body
  • Lay down on a busy street for 1 minute
  • Compliment a stranger out of the blue

 Pick one and work on it until you’re comfortable with it before moving to the next one.


I went through a lot on how to build confidence to become the confident person you always have been.

I went through many of the steps on how to become confident in life and the perspectives you really need to change your life.

I talk to you about all the amazing benefits confidence can bring to you as well as the different mindset you need to adapt to become confident like the ideal person you dream of.

Finally, I give you an action plan step-by-step on how to achieve confidence in ANY area in your life.

Even just taking action on a part of this blog post can transform your life.

Now go and become the confident people that’s always been inside of you.

Let me know in the comments below which tip you found most enlightening below.