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Hey there,

Sooo… there’s a bit of a problem and we might’ve bought a bit too many filter pipette tips (more like 1,919,999 extra pipette tips…)

Anyway… they are literally just staring at our faces every single day at our warehouses laughing and taunting us for our mistake…

Well, it wasn’t really our mistake… (and you can be the judge of that…)

So what happened was that back in September we ordered a ton of pipette tips (specifically the PTF-GS-1250) because we are truly, incredibly passionate about pipette tips…

…And the other (probably more legit) reason was that we saw a huge demand for it with scientists and researchers.

We were promised… even guaranteed… to get it within 21 days.

But… after 21 days… instead of getting our order that was promised…

We got a measly 50 cases of filtered pipettes tips.

In other words, the factory lied to us.

And it wasn’t until this March (a whopping 6 months later…) where they decided to just send everything at once…

Making us go from a functional, healthy warehouse to a dysfunctional, chaotic storage room where our workers are currently doing backstrokes in manual filter pipette tips training to be like Michael Phelps for the upcoming Olympics.

So that’s the reason why we are having a never-before-seen file sale on these filtered manual pipette tips with a 40% discount on the PTF-GS-1250 for $85 (originally priced $143.)

We haven’t seen our competitors drop this price this low ever for their lowest sale.

And, frankly, with a price this low we can’t guarantee that our stock (and even our price) will last forever.

That’s why if you need to replenish your filter pipette tips, you should do so right away.

Also, if you have any questions, you can always reply back to this email so we can help you as soon as possible.


David Yazdi

CEO of Filtrous

ps – Because of certain circumstances, we are now selling the filtered manual pipette tips at 40% off for $85 here (which was originally $143). So get it now before we run out of stock on this never-before-seen (in this entire industry) deal.

pps – The reason why it’s at 1,919,999 filtered pipettes tips instead of an even number like 1,920,000 is that I might’ve accidentally “borrowed” one… (Shh, don’t tell my boss about it…)

ppps – the workers are for real telling me that they see more results swimming in filtered pipettes in the past few weeks than hitting the gym every day. Maybe I should investigate this more…

Hey there,

If you really think about it…

You can do a lot of things with one million masks.

Here were some (awesome) things we thought about:

  • Building a lego house out of masks (and going back to our sweet, Elementary school dreams…)
  • Building a giant mask conga line… (maybe even trying to get a new world record…)
  • Creating an ultra-giant king-size mattress… (with extra padding of course…)
  • Creating a parachute with face masks… (I wouldn’t advise actually using it…)
  • And so much more…

So the question is…

“What would you do with (basically) one million masks?”

Let us know what you think would be an amazing idea by replying to this email.

I’m excited to hear your answer!


David Yazdi

CEO of Filtrous

Ps – We’re currently running a huge sale on Level 2 Face masks for $10.99 (originally $50) with a 78% sale with free shipping with purchases of 5. We haven’t seen quality, legit level 2 face masks this low with other competitors so if you need to stock up on face masks now is the time to do so before this sale ends.

Pps – The lego house or a giant mattress actually doesn’t seem like a bad idea. Maybe we’ll create a Youtube video or Tik Tok about it in the future… Let us know what your thoughts are!

Winning Headline on Klaviyo: the factory lied to us 

Other headline: the biggest promo ever for manual filtered pipette tips

Open Rate: 31.3% vs 23.3%

CTR: 8.95% vs 2.52%

Active on Site 6.71% vs 1.26%

Winning Headline: basically a steal for level 2 face masks…

Other headline: What would you do with 960,417 face masks? (*Winning email)

Open Rate: 26% vs 22.1%

CTR: 1.37% vs 3.2%

Active on Site: 0.6% vs 2.8%

A Sneak Peek of Other Cool Marketing Stuff I Did And Enjoyed

Videos I Created

Scripted & Starred In A Youtube Video Generating 3.4k views & 154.4 Hr Watch Time

Scripted, Edited & Starred In A Tik Tok Skit That Generated 241.4K Views with 28.7k Likes & 12% Engagement Rate

Filmed, Scripted, Edited, & Starred in my own Youtube Video generating 6.8k Views, 233.3 Hr Watch Time, and +56 subscribers.

Websites & Landing Pages I Created For Clients

Results: Redesigned an Organic Ice Cream eCommerce store to generate more organic visitors to their IG page.

Results: Generated 200+ email subscribers into a 9 email nurturing sequence (which I automated and implemented) to increase brand awareness during COVID-19.

Results: Redesigned a vocal coach’s website and wrote the landing page copy to generate more vocal leads to book more lessons for him.

Results For One Of My Hobby Sites I Did For Fun