3 Simple Rules For Guys To Instantly be Fashionable

how to be fashionable

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All you need to do is wear the right clothes for your body. 

That’s it.

No fancy-schmancy Armani suits with a Rolex watch (although that would be pretty cool.) 

But what do I mean when I say the “right clothes”?

You can look good in an Armani suit and a regular ol’ suit. Cowboy boots all the way to your knees and just a plain t-shirt and some jeans.

What matters is how you want to portray yourself to the world.

But there are fundamentals to fashion (just like everything else in life.)

And following these 3 rules will instantly separate you from the 80% of guys who think they understand fashion.

Mainly cause guys (like me before) don’t realize how important that what you are wearing right now is starting to create your first impression. So why not make it your best impression?

Now let’s have a simple list of why grooming yourself is important:

  • it creates more confidence (Which leads to becoming more attractive to women)
  • For some reason, it gives you more energy.
  • It shows that you actually pay attention to detail and value yourself.
  • It creates a mini morning routine for you.

Now with all things in life…There must be SOMETHING that you must trade for…and I’ve also created that list below:

  • Waking up 10 minutes earlier (I know I know…but I think it’s a worthy sacrifice)
  • You might need to switch to stretchy jeans rather than wear your beloved sweats.

And I think that’s it. It doesn’t seem like a bad trade if I say so myself.

Which leads to the question…

How Do You Start Dressing Well?

First off, as a general guideline, you want to dress up one level above the average crowd wherever you plan to go.

Like if you see everyone wearing jeans and a shirt…add a cool watch.

Or a suit and tie in a formal event…have a pocket square.

You get the point. Cause it will just look plain silly if you go out to the beach to swim wearing a suit and tie.

The Three Simple Rules Are Fit, Quality and Brand!

Fit > Quality > Brand

Fit Is The Most Important Rule To Looking Great

Fit is king.

No matter what you wear you want it to always fit you properly.

Let’s go with an absurd example. An oversized $5,000 Gucci suit that makes you look like you are an overgrown child who lives with their parents and still relies on their income will look worse than a tailored $50 H&M suit.

Anyways… having a tailored shirt will make you 10x more attractive to everyone you meet making you both look sharper and confident.

A tailored suit would probably cost around $50 dollars and for shirts and jeans, it would probably run about $35…and…it is worth every penny.

In an ideal world, you would have enough money to have everything tailored. But alas, we are part of the real world.

So the importance of which you should get tailored first are:

  1. Formal Stuff (Suits, dress pants, dress shirts)
  2. Casual Stuff (Casual button-down shirts, regular shirts, jeans)
  3. Socks and Underwear (Only if you truly are rich.)

Just make sure when you buy clothes at your favorite place, you should consider buying a size down.

Like for me for example, I thought I was medium since I was 6’0’’ and 155 pounds…and thought I looked good (it wasn’t that bad)…but I actually fit a small.

So that’s all about fit.

Which leads us to…Quality!

Quality Is The Second Most Important Rule!

Quality helps choose which shirts die after one use and which ones can live for years.

This is why typically expensive shirts last longer because they are made with better material (if you properly take care of it.)

I personally shop at Banana Republic and Express just because they are comfy and fit tall lanky guys like me… but if I’m on a budget I just go to Ross and TJ Max and pick the clothes that look comfy and durable.

You want to take care of your clothes. Follow the instructions inside each shirt. Some of them require dry cleaning and hand wash only, so factor that in before you buy your shirt.

Some other tips are limiting how often you use the dryer and just air drying (all that lint is your clothes slowly getting destroyed.)

But quality is pretty important if you want to have a longer-lasting closet.

Finally, The Last Thing To Consider Is Brand.

Brand names are cool.

If you have a tailored suit that completely fits your body and you don’t have to worry about it being destroyed after one use, then the brand comes to play.

If you see someone who looks attractive and confident from the clothes he wears. And then you look closely and see he is wearing Gucci, then you will he’s pretty wealthy.

It’s all about status at this point. If you wear a luxury brand AND it fits you, then you will be perceived as an attractive rich guy. That’s it.

Luxury brand names from my experience are usually comfier, have better quality and fit me a lot better (but not always the case.)

Some women care about this. Other women don’t really care about it. Women into rich men would love you instantly.

But most of the time brand name is something that should be looked as the least important if you want to be perceived as an alpha male to women.

Common Questions

What if I have a muffin top and I’m really chubby. Wouldn’t a bigger size be better for me? 

Hiding your body with more clothes makes you not only look messier and disorganized. It also sends a subtle message that you look even fatter as you need more space for your body.

You should be comfortable with your body and if you make it not a big deal, many people won’t.

It feels really uncomfortable when I dress well. Is this normal?

Having the snug feeling around your arms, chest, and legs is normal. Just do it make so tight that it makes you feel like you are wearing a bodysuit.

It’s all in your head that people are looking at you and always feel uncomfortable when you change something about yourself.

Let me know in the comments below what you think of this short guide to dressing better.