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How Power Words Affect Conversions [Infographic]

Power words have a powerful emotional impact on the human brain. Learn how others have harnessed it and how you can do the same.

An infographic explaining how power words help conversions

Case Studies

A test was done by marketing teams for Encyclopedia Britannica that replaced an empty headline starting with the word “get” and increased conversions by 103%.1

Sumo had a 422% increase in conversions just by adding the word “new.” 2

In a line where people would get a free tattoo, 68% of people who lined up wouldn’t have gotten a tattoo if it wasn’t free.3

The Power Of “Because”

In a study done at Harvard University, a researcher tested different wordings to students waiting in line if they would let her cut in line.4

  • “Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the xerox machine?” 60% agreed.
  • “Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the xerox machine, because I’m in a rush?” 93% agreed.
  • “Excuse me, I have 5 pages. May I use the xerox machine, because I’m in a rush?” 94% agreed.

Takeaway: Start using the word “because” in your writing when you are showing why something works.


What words should you start use in your writing?

The most persuasive words in the English language are5

  1. You
  2. Free
  3. Because
  4. Instantly
  5. New

20 Most Persuasive Words Via David Ogilvy6

  • Suddenly
  • Now
  • Announcing
  • Introducing
  • Improvement
  • Amazing
  • Sensational
  • Remarkable
  • Revolutionary
  • Startling
  • Miracle
  • Magic
  • Offer
  • Quick
  • Easy
  • Wanted
  • Challenge
  • Compare
  • Bargain
  • Hurry

Fun fact: Did you know that using “you” and hearing our own name lights up in our brain?7 And people would gladly pay more for personalization?8


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