How To Get Your First 100 Twitter Followers For Free


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In this guide I teach you in this guide how to get your first 100 Twitter followers for free.

This is what I used to gain 167 QUALITY followers in 25 days when no one knew anything about me.

This is the guide I wish I had when I started at 0 zero followers wondering why I wasn’t getting anybody.

I tried methods such as:

  • Follow for follow
  • Retweeting tweets
  • Engaging with random people

And some of them failed badly (like doing follow-for-follow) and others did not work as effectively without the right strategy.

You can use this guide and get even more followers faster if you put in the work. I only had 1 to 2 hours a day to work on my Twitter but if you have the time and are willing to hustle you can double or triple my results.

And if that happens you can DM me and I will give you a virtual high five to show how awesome you are.

Why Should You Listen To Me?

Here’s me when I started…


Then here’s me when I started applying the right strategy…

after results

To sum it up:

  • I tweeted a lot more
  • Tweet impressions went from 6,605 to 130,000
  • Profile visits went from 337 to 2,204
  • Followers increased from 19 to 167
  • And I’ve been mentioned from 32 to 737 times.

Having the right strategy makes a world of difference.

And I’m going to teach you how to do it today.

So let’s get started…

1. Start Finding Your Niche

Learning how to get your first 100 Twitter followers all starts with choosing your niche.

What we are trying to build is you to become the authority of your niche. We want to make you well known in your niche as the go-to person for that niche.

I chose marketing, motivation, and mindset because I enjoy talking about those topics and wanted to connect with similar people.

Here are the big four niches that there is always in demand:

  • Money
  • Relationships
  • Health
  • Mindset

The broader your niche is the more people there are but at the same time, it is also harder to stand out as there is a lot of competition there.

That’s why I recommend finding a sub-niche first such as:

  • Web design (a subset of making money…)
  • Meditation (a sub-niche of health…)
  • Copywriting (a sub-niche of marketing…)

Or you can also do a category or hobby that you are good at such as:

  • Gardening
  • Swimming
  • Video Games

Pick a niche and start building a community around there.

The smaller your niche is the better the quality of your followers but at the same time, you will probably have a smaller audience to reach too.

The best combination is a mixture of the two.

Show in your profile bio that you talk about making money as a freelancer but at the same time talk about meditation.

Having a broad niche makes it easier to come up with tweets when your followers are big enough to come up with more ideas on how to tweet.

2. Craft Your Profile Biography The Right Way

Crafting your profile biography correctly in learning how to get your first 100 Twitter followers.

Think of your Twitter bio as your landing page. If they like what they see… then they will follow you.

The main elements of your twitter bio are:

  • Your headshot
  • The biography
  • Your link
  • And your header
  • Your Pinned Thread/Tweets

Here’s how to optimize each.

Creating Your Profile Picture

This is the first thing people see when you comment or engage with another person.

It is also the first impression that they receive from you.

You want to create something that stands out and that you are not just a random person on Twitter but someone serious about getting followers.

Here’s how @LifeMathMoney does it…

LifeMathMoney profile

It is eye-grabbing especially for people who know the history of this figure.

Or you can build a personal brand with a photo like this:

Improvement geek profile

Joey does a great job of having a professional headshot with a gradient background.

It is something that stands out as he focuses on building a business brand rather than a profile brand.

However, if you are serious about wanting to do a personal brand then make it stand out by changing the colors, adding a border, and have a professional headshot.

Or make it different by using an emoji or a drawing of yourself.

Show you took the effort to make a great profile picture.

Making Your Header

There are three ways to go about this…

You can create a call to action to one of your links like this…

Dennis Demori profile

Or have an image like this…

Dan Koe profile

Or you can create the visual dream where they portray the type of lifestyle you want like this…

Sales Maverick header

Either way, all of them work.

If you’re starting I’d probably recommend doing option 3 as that’s the easiest way to showcase your brand.

Whatever you do just make it look professional and clean.

Crafting Your Biography

The best way to create your bio is to look at inspiration from the bigger accounts and start crafting your biography in a way that makes people want to follow you.

In your biography, you want to highlight the benefits of the audience following you rather than telling you who you are.

Don’t say you are a web designer… tell them that your tweets will help you make more money as a web designer.

Here are the possible things to write on your bio:

  • What you tweet about
  • Any results your followers would want
  • How you can help them
  • Sending them to a link (email, landing page, etc.)

Here are some examples of people in my Niche that have written a great bio…

Oliver shows he is a 6 figure freelancer and can walk the walk and most likely tweets about his perspective on freelancing…

Oliver's biography

Wiz of Ecom does a great job of telling what he tweets with a CTA…

Wiz of ecom profile

You can space it out. You can use emojis. See what works well for you and start experimenting.

Crafting Your Link Properly

I see lots of people doing this step wrong.

Some people don’t explain how the website will help them.

And then some people like to link out to multiple products from that single link.

Now if you are a bigger account you can probably get away from it.

But when you are a small account having so many options is going to most likely repel them from even clicking one.

Mainly because there are too many decisions and that takes up mental effort instead of leading them into a funnel.

You can try out both to see what works for you but from my experience, a single link to a single website will outperform.

Especially if you have a small list of followers.

Things you can link to in your biography:

  • An email list
  • A landing page for your service
  • A free eBook
  • Your website
  • Your blog

It depends on what your goal is.

Pick one and start optimizing for it.

Creating the Perfect Pinned Thread

This is the tweet you can pin on your profile page that allows visitors to see what you want others to see.

This can be many things:

  • Your affiliate product
  • A popular tweet with lots of engagement and retweets
  • A thread packed with useful information
  • Video sales letter

It’s really up to you and your goals.

If you are optimizing for followers usually the popular tweet or a useful thread is the one that converts the most.

Fonso biography

From what I found a thread or a popular tweet tends to bring in the most followers while an affiliate product tends to bring in more sales.

3. Start creating lists of big and small accounts in your niche

The way on how to get your first 100 Twitter followers is through creating valuable comments in a methodical manner.

I wish I knew about this function when I first started but you can add accounts to a list so that you can easily engage them in an organized manner.

This is how you do it:

Twitter lsits

I separated into two lists:

  • Accounts in my niche that have 5,000+ followers
  • Accounts in my niche that have 1,000-4,999 followers.

And what you do is every morning or night you want to engage with both of them with about 10-20 tweets per session and you will get followers like this if you engage properly.

Which leads us to…

4. Engaging the Right Way

People want to engage with people who enjoy their content and willing to engage with them.

This means having some sort of informational value that has a chance to be retweeted and liked by many people.

The more engagement your post gets the more exposure you get… which means more profile visits and ultimately leads to more followers.

This is how you NOT engage in the right way:

  • Just saying “Great tip!”
  • Promoting your affiliate products
  • Asking for a follow

The last two just gets you insta-blocked by the big account.

You want to engage with mind-provoking tweets that invite conversation like this…

Anthony's engagement

See how even though I had a small following count…

I was able to get 7,800 eyeballs on this single tweet.

In this tweet, I basically: 

  • Agreed with the tweet
  • Expanded why I agreed with it
  • Opened room for some conversation.

People love comments. It makes sense because it brings up their engagement while bringing yours up at the same time.

It’s a win-win situation.

Here are also other things I did:

  • Spaced out the tweet so it’s easier to read
  • Used short sentences.
  • 1 or 2 sentence paragraphs max.

Here’s another type of comment where you contrast what the other person tweeted about…

Twitter comments

You also want to consider doing a retweet with a comment.

People appreciate that and it gives you more info for your audience.

5.How To Structure Your Tweets

The fastest way in how to get your first 100 Twitter followers is through creating tweets that people want to retweet.

The way you structure your tweets has two main components:

  • Easy to read
  • Packed with valuable information

And there are multiple ways to go about it.

You can…

  • Structure your tweet like a list
  • Use spaces a lot
  • Bullet points
  • Emojis
  • Ellipses (…)

The most important thing is your headline.

That is the first sentence and will either make people want to read your tweet or just scroll past.

6. Create Your Own Engagement Group

This is the thing I spend around $40 to learn and you are getting it for free cause I’m a cool guy and if you are reading this then you are a chill person too.

So if you have been engaging properly in your niche, then you are going to come up with people who are doing the same as you and trying to build their follower count.

And you will see their name pop up quite often.

An engagement group is something that you find people with similar goals in a similar niche and engage with each other’s tweets.

The way to see if someone fits with your goals is to…

  1. Check their profile and see if it’s legit
  2. Check their replies and see how often they reply
  3. See  the quality of their tweets
  4. Have someone with a similar follower’s count

And the way to set an engagement group can be something as simple as:

  • Retweet each other’s tweets once a day


  • Comment and like one tweet per day

Something simple and to see if they can consistently do it.

What happens most of the time is that they become more than just a group but your friends who are trying to grow together.

And with more engagement on each other’s tweets, you start to build each other up getting more exposure to your tweets.

Plus, they will be homies who will be helping you if you create a product or service in the future and share your achievements.

Think about it this way…

If your account got banned would they help you?

Those are the type of people you want to attract into your group.

7. Do 20+ Tweets A Day For Consistency per interval. More if You want faster results.

This is where I want you to engage with the big accounts and small accounts 10-20 tweets PER interval.

My interval is usually morning, afternoon, and night.

But some people can do it every 2 hours depending on how fast they want to grow.

The reason why I say not too many is that you want to let other big accounts see other comments and engage rather than your name just spamming on them.

This is a marathon. Not a sprint.

Do whatever you have the time and capability to do.

Some days you will get 2 followers.  Other days will get 20.

Just keep staying consistent and your followers will grow.

When I found out about this method I got motivated and did 100-200 tweets PER day for like a week until I realized that this wasn’t sustainable for me and was going a little crazy.

I toned it down to 20-30 QUALITY tweets per day instead and was still able to get results.

See what works for you.

8. DM Followers with a PERSONALIZED Reply Especially when you are new.

This is also something I wish I knew but how many people give you a PERSONALIZED reply when you follow someone.

This is how you distinguish yourself from the big accounts because they have too many followers to do this.

They can automate it but it feels fake and spammy and it’s best not to do it.

That’s the big advantage you have when you are small.

Here’s a template I use:

“Hey {Twitter Name},

Thanks for following me!

I saw your bio and {genuine compliment}

I mainly talk about marketing, motivation, and mindset and how to improve the quality of your life.

Let me know if you have any questions and look forward to engaging with you.



That’s it.

Something simple like that works.

It shows that you care about them and are less likely to unfollow you because you are taking your time to craft a personalized message.

9. Create A Free Lead Magnet When You Have A Small List of Followers

You want to look like an authority when you are figuring out how to get your first 100 Twitter followers for free.

I noticed that when you have a small follower list that people don’t take you as seriously compared to if you have 1,000 or 10,000 followers.

That’s why if you are offering a service like me (website design) you are going to have to start DMing people so that people can get your services.

But if you want to optimize for followers it’s best to get results and write an eBook on it.

  • Got your first 1,000 followers. Write an eBook.
  • Got 300+ followers in 2 weeks? Write about it.
  • Figured out how to write winning landing pages with results? Write an eBook about it.

When people read this and figure out you aren’t all fluff but legit then they will listen to you more attentively.

And that’s how you create loyal followers and fans.

10. We Are Aiming To Build A Community With Quality Followers… Not Just Quantity!

I’ve seen profiles where they have over 100k followers but get less engagement than me who only has 300 followers.

I have also seen people who do follow-for-follow and they have amazing numbers like 50k followers and 50k following.

But it doesn’t give the impression that he is an authority on the subject.

And it gives off the impression that his tweets may not truly be that valuable.

All you need is 1,000 fans to make a good amount of money.

Think about it this way…

If you sold an amazingly-tastic eBook (like this one) for $10 and each of your followers bought it…

 that’s $10,000.

Sell it for $20 instead?


Of course, not everyone will buy it but I want to show you that the quality of your audience is much more important than quantity.

But it even looks more impressive when you have only a small following but have a ton of engagement on your tweets.

11. Use Your Twitter Analytics To Determine Your Best Performing Tweet To Gain More Followers

Figuring out which tweet performs the best and using that as a model is the fastest way on how to get your first 100 Twitter followers.

Once you started to gain a little traction, this is where you want to analyze the best performing tweets that you have made with others and start analyzing which ones were responded to the most.

In the beginning, you are going to be analyzing the type of content that you engaged with other people.

Look at things like:

  • The format of your tweet
  • Who’s comment got you the most engagement
  • The topic of the tweet

Then start experimenting with this style with other big accounts and see the results you see.

Gaining Your First 100 Twitter Followers Is All About Consistency

I really want to show you how to get your first 100 Twitter followers for free and being consistent is THE WAY to do it.

Being consistent every day is how you are going to be results and I am living proof of that.

I am also living proof of not being consistent like below…

how to get your first 100 twitter followers by being consistent

If you stop engaging and stop doing the steps I outlined for you and just give up…

Then just like me,you are going to lose followers.

Don’t be like me in the past.

I want you to work because I assure you this system works for me.

If you want results you have to be patient and it will come over time.

Just trust me. 

Pretty please?

I assure you the results will come if you put in the work now.


Thank you for reading this guide on how to get your first 100 Twitter followers for free.

I made this guide for people who just want to shorten the learning curve on how to get started on Twitter.

I created this post for people like me who want to not only grow followers but create a community of people with the same goals as me.

When you have any questions, my DM’s are always open for you guys in case you have any questions or need any help.

Check out my videos to learn the actual process of what I do and be sure to follow me at @antnebel if you enjoy my tweets.

Have an amazing day!