Testimonials And Case Studies


“We have had financial gains in a big way because his copy and his design with the funnels play a big role in the conversions.”
anton wisbiki testimonial
Anton Wisbiski
Founder of Breakthrough Breathwork
"We hired him as a copywriter for our website. He did a fantastic job. Not only on our home page but our story as well. We gave Anthony a week to do the project and he actually returned it within 48 hours."
Alex howard
Alex Howard
Marketer At Sea and Summit Sunscreen
"Anthony Nebel made me a website which is completely fresh it looks so good my website was looking old and sorta basic and he made it look like you want to read it..."
Rached Hayek
Founder of RnB Singing Lessons
“He was a pleasure to work, he was receptive to our suggestions, and able to improve our most egregious descriptions of what we wanted.”
Joshua Baladya
“…Making a website isn’t easy but you did such a great job…”
Christian Dela Torre
“Thank you Anthony for making the website for our undergrad research output…”
Gina Inot
“We would like to thank you very much for taking the time to develop our website…”
Josie Gullas
“During his tenure with us at Immortal Coffee, Anthony was always ahead of schedule and responsive to deadlines. He conducted thorough research and analysis, and conducted himself as a consummate professional at all times.”
Conor Flynn
Co-Founder of Immortal Coffee
"Whatever your messaging needs are, Anthony will get the job done! For my organization, I had a lot of scattered draft text that I had used in emails, proposals, etc, and was unsure of how to consolidate this text and language into a proper messaging document. Anthony was up for the task, and he condensed and streamlined the language into an amazing messaging document that has been so valuable. I reference it time and time again for all of my messaging and outreach needs. He is creative, competent, efficient, and an expert in tight language that can convert. I highly recommend him and look forward to working with him again!"
Angela Davidson
Social Media Manager
“Anthony was great! Fast, professional – very responsive to my messages! He’s excellent at making a deadline and very easy to communicate with! This guy is definitely a self-starter – he doesn’t need to be micromanaged! Highly recommended!”
Karianne C.
Social Media Specialist
Anthony is one of the best writers I’ve worked with. The price is amazing, the TAT is fast and communication is great. I will definitely work with him again!”
Guitar Blogger
Anthony was completely thorough and completed the job extremely quickly which was great! Thank you and would definitely recommend.”
Fiction Novelist
“Anthony did excellent work for my company. He is skilled and provided high quality work. I look forward to hiring him again”
Social Media Development Campaign Specialist

Case Studies For Website Design

Here’s some of the before and after transformations of websites I have created to help clients create a fast, modern website that converts visitors into paying customers.

RnB Singing Lessons

Before Transformation: 0:00   After Transformation: 0:40

Summary of how I optimized this website:

  • Designed homepage with his two biggest CTA to buy his product or sign up for his music lessons
  • Created a high-converting landing page for his music lessons
  • Created a high-converting landing page for his product
  • Created his about page in a easy-to-read manner

Organic Ice Cream Store

Before Transformation: 0:00   After Transformation: 0:03

Summary of how I optimized this website:

  • I designed it with the biggest CTA for their social media…
  • Explained the benefits in an easily and visually appealing manner…
  • Created an emotional story about how their store came to be…
  • Optimized the items they were selling in a manner that people would buy…

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