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How To Write Damn Fine Sentences For Your Business

Mhmm… What if you can consistently create line after line that keeps your reader’s eyeballs glued to their screen unable to resist reading your every word… Now… wouldn’t that be something! I can’t promise you will be able to do that immediately after reading this but… I can promise that if you apply the principles […]

Meeting Request Email Templates (For Almost Any Situation You Need)

Yo what’s up fam? There’s going to be one point in your life where you are going to probably need to send a meeting request email. And it usually dawns on us that when we actually start typing that we really don’t know what to say… And then we start getting nervous and our fingers […]

The 112 Copywriting Do’s And Don’ts

For Awesome Results In Your Life, Biz, And Basically Everything You Desire With Some Good ‘Ol Copy…  Yo mistah friend, how you doin’? I decided to make a pretty chunky guide on the do’s and don’ts when you are writing copy (and how to help you put more cash in your pockets…) Yeah… be careful […]

How Power Words Affect Conversions [Infographic]

Power words have a powerful emotional impact on the human brain. Learn how others have harnessed it and how you can do the same. Case Studies A test was done by marketing teams for Encyclopedia Britannica that replaced an empty headline starting with the word “get” and increased conversions by 103%.1 Sumo had a 422% […]

1,039+ Power Words For Crazy-Converting Copy

You want to wake readers up and get them out of their everyday trance so they read your content. And to do that… you need to write the most amazingly-tastic, hair-triggering, honky-tonk, dabbly-gook stuff that your readers will gobble up. And how do you do that? By starting to add power words into your writing. […]