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How To Write An Effective About Page For Online Businesses

Why should you take the time to craft an amazing about us page? Because if done right… it’s one of the most important pages for your business! We all know that first impressions are pretty important (right?) Apparently, it only takes 0.05 seconds for a customer to judge whether they like your site or not. […]

5 Silly Mistakes When Writing B2B Emails

If you are writing B2B emails to sell, network, or just for the golly talk with other businesses for the fun of it (we all have our special hobbies…) then these tips can help you. People think writing emails is hard. Something that takes a lot of time just to create. And they aren’t wroooong […]

3 Simple Rules For Guys To Instantly be Fashionable

All you need to do is wear the right clothes for your body.  That’s it. No fancy-schmancy Armani suits with a Rolex watch (although that would be pretty cool.)  But what do I mean when I say the “right clothes”? You can look good in an Armani suit and a regular ol’ suit. Cowboy boots […]

How To Really Gain Weight As An Ectomorph

Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and can only speak from experience on how I personally gained 18 pounds (both muscle and fat) in 5 months. If you feel anything wrong with your body then I highly recommend you go visit your doctor. You can’t gain weight. No matter how much you eat… pushing yourself […]

How I Learned 2200 Kanji in 14 Days (With Simple Memory Hacks)

Total time: 1,911 minutes (31.85 hours or ~51 seconds per Kanji) Wow.  Imagine learning one of the hardest alphabets in the world in only 14 days and creating meaningful connections for each one. You might be a little curious if there was just something that could make you learn this gigantic alphabet a little bit […]