About Page

Hobbies That I Enjoy Doing That May Interest You…

  • I am quite a musical guy if I may say so myself who’s currently learning how to sing, play the guitar and the piano
  • A very very scary (someone who would make kittens cry) white-belt Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu Martial Artist.
  • An incredibly fit and handsome (siiigh, it’s so troublesome being so handsome) runner.
  • A Japanese nerd who enjoys reading the occasional manga (in simple Japanese of course)
  • A traveling freak who’s been to over 4 continents already (China, Japan, Europe, America, etc.)
  • And a voracious book reader (besides all the marketing stuff the fiction books I am currently enjoying now is the Travis McGee series)

Hey Friend,

I’m Anthony and I write emails for online businesses who want to make more money.

Here is What I Can Do For You:

  • Dramatically increase open rates for your emails (so customers actually read your message.)
  • Have people EXCITED to open your emails in the morning.
  • Make people NEED to buy your product (and make them a loyal customer forever.)
  • Increase your AOV value for your existing customers (A simple tweak many business owners simply don’t use.)
  • Generate high quality leads for your products without any effort (making you wonder where all these customers were hiding.)

Here is What I Cannot Do For You:

  • Advertisement Jingles
  • Short, witty copy to help improve “brand awareness”
  • Build Your Email List From Scratch (I prefer working with established businesses)

Let’s Start A Project Together Today!

It’s simple! Just email me at anthony (@) anthonynebel.com to get started!

Anthony Nebel